A Demonstration On Peracetic Acid And Its Extensive Role As A Disinfecting Agent

Peracetic acid is a versatile chemical used as an effective disinfectant and sanitizer in multiple applications such as Water Treatment Process, Dairy industry, Food and beverage industry etc.

Particularly, in dairy, beverage and brewing sectors, Peracetic Acid based disinfectants are low foaming, effective against all types of bacteria at very low concentrations and temperatures. In food and beverage plants, it leaves no harmful residues.

Typically, Peracetic Acid based disinfectants are available in two commercial concentrations, 5 % and 15 % peracetic acid.


  • They are environmentally compatible as they do not contain any heavy metals.
  • Can be used as an effective disinfectant in cold plant operation
  • Show excellent rinsability
  • They are non-foaming and highly compatible for use in CIP disinfection
  • Non-tainting and non-staining products
  • Powerful oxidizing action offers fast removal of stains and deodrises


Peracetic Acid 5 % based CIP sanitizer is applied on pre-cleaned surfaces such as equipments, filters, evaporators, pipelines, tanks, vats, pasteurizers and aseptic equipments in dairies, breweries, wineries and beverage. Moreover, it is also used in food processing and packaging plants as well as in egg processing and packaging equipment surfaces.

Below is a descriptive explanation on its applications in different industries.


In hospitals and medical applications, it is used in disinfection of medical equipments, cold sterilization of dentures, plastic implants, syringes, thermally sensitive nutritive media, disinfection of hemodialysis systems and decontamination of liquid and solid medical wastes in hospitals.


In water treatment process, it is used in the treatment of cooling water and industrial or municipal wastewater. It is suitable for cooling tower water disinfection. Alongside, it potentially prevents biofilm formation and deposition of legionella bacteria in the system. Waste water is usually disinfected before being discharged to eliminate pathogenic species. Peracetic acid based disinfectants are relatively more efficient than other such materials like chlorine-based disinfectants (eg. Sodium Hypochlorite).


They are used to disinfect or sterilize equipment, surfaces, tanks, pipes and plastic bottles. In food & beverage processing applications, the dosing of peracetic acid in CIP- or SIP-installations (cleaning or sterilization in place) is standard. Juices, soft drinks, tea and liquid dairy products need perfect hygienic conditions in the process of packaging to ensure a long shelf life.


Clogging, of tubes and emitters due to biofilm formation, is a typical deterioration taking place in drip irrigation. In greenhouses, besides the drip irrigation system, it is required to have an additional technique to combat pathogens generally found on any surface. Solutions of peracetic acid manifest effective and environmentally friendly biocidal action in the field of agriculture. It extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables with its exceptional disinfecting features.


Peracetic acid is an effective solution, used for eliminating biofilms formed in water systems. It works as an eco-friendly oxidizing biocide and slimicide in pulp & paper industry. It is applied for the disinfection to inhibit biofilm formation in pulp industries. It disinfects the white water system to inhibit microbial contamination of fibrous material forming in the circulation water. Polysaccharides leached from the wood pulp, function as nutrients for microbial growth and cause formations of microbial or semi-chemical slimes. This results in many critical failures in the papermaking process as well as a downfall in the quality of paper, causing an overall loss. An unpreventable growth of slimes ultimately causes the breakage of paper and as a consequence of it, a disruption in the production line.


In the chemo-thermal disinfection of laundry, particularly starting from hospitals and other medical care institutions, peracetic acid products are utilized in the washing stage as disinfectant as well as a bleaching agent. A specially formulated blend of peracetic acid with hydrogen peroxide shows a strong positive effect with the stability of the peracetic acid in washing liquor, it ensues an advantageous bleaching effect with a high level of disinfection.


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