snowee artificial snow

Super absorbent polymer Snowee,  is an artificial snow forming material having advanced chemical properties. It is used for simulating snow in christmas tree decorations, as well as for window or other decorations where a white glistening decorating material is required. Snowee proves a lasting decorating material having a lookalike color and sparkle of snow, which makes it usable in a wide variety of applications such as stage decorations, trimming display windows, moving picture sets etc.

More specifically, Snowee produces such a substance that has a pure white color, however if this is not desired, suitable coloring ingredients can be added to it.

Acuro’s Snowee is a product, which is both non-toxic and substantially non-combustible, hence easily handled, and optionally can be used in loose, flake form adapted to be dropped or blown through the air in simulation of falling snowflakes.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-combustible
  • Highly effective
  • High performance
  • Large area expansion
  • Water soluble
  • Fast results
  • Highly compatible
  • Cost competitive


500 g

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