Cooling Tower Maintenance Chemicals – High Performance & Quality Based Chemicals

Cooling towers are used for heat rejection in industries, where water is cooled down, and air draft is achieved with the help of draft towers and fans.

Feed water to be cooled down in the process, may have temperature between 40 to 60°C and with the contact of above air flow, its temperature is decreased between 10 to 20°C. This entire process is based on natural evaporation of water as after being cooled, water is again recirculated into the production process.

Cooling towers are structured as open and closed systems. In a closed cooling tower system, the water does not come in contact with outside air. So, it prevents any deterioration from outside air pollutants and microorganisms to the cooling tower system, but alongside, it also hinders the execution of some microorganisms inside the system, due to no contact with outside air. it is vice versa for open cooling tower system.

The efficiency of cooling towers is affected due to some disruptions such as scale and slime formation, corrosion, biological-fouling etc, as water is cooled primarily by evaporation of a portion of the circulating water and airborne impurities such as dust and gases, may enter during the process. This affects system efficiency badly as well as shortens cooling towers’ life expectancy. In order to enhance the efficiency of the system, and prevent forementioned disruptions to the process, several chemical additives are used.

Acuro Organics Limited offers ACUCOOL range of cooling tower chemicals, focusing on multiple application processes as follows.

  • Antiscalants
  • Descaling agents
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Biocides
  • Biodispersants

ACUCOOL range of chemicals are capable of enhancing process performance, providing better safety standards and sustainability. Our range is full of eco-friendly chemicals with decreased rate of toxicity and hazardousness, focusing on all organizational aims such as less water, energy and chemical consumption, with less labor and maintenance costs.

Cooling tower chemicals

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