CARBOHYDRAZIDE – Oxygen Scavenger for High Pressure Boilers

Acuro Organics Limited’s High-Performance Oxygen scavenger for Boilers is used to scavenge oxygen from make-up water in feed water systems.

It is a white water-soluble powder that reacts directly with oxygen in all types of Boilers. It is also made available in 12% Solution form.

Acuro’s carbohydrazide based oxygen scavenger can be added to the preboiler section, or the feed water or sometimes even to the downstream of the deaerator. Our product offers your boiler system exceptional protection from oxygen corrosion by giving feed water and boiler system passivation.

Due to its volatile nature Carbohydrazide scavenges Dissolved Oxygen completely and effectively. It is well-known that Carbohydrazide reacts with oxygen at low temperatures and pressures.

Benefits and Features:

  • The products of the reaction are volatile and do not contribute dissolved solids to the boiler water.
  • Carbohydrazide is non-carcinogenic in nature and is relatively stable at room temperatures.
  • At very high temperatures, carbohydrazide reacts with water to produce hydrazine and carbon dioxide then it undergoes degradation.
  • Carbohydrazide reacts with iron and copper oxides to form protective passive oxides.
  • The by-products of carbohydrazide contain no harmful organic compounds or acids; namely Hydrazine, Nitrogen, Water, Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide.


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