RO Antiscalant – An Exceptional Scale Removal Chemical Additive

ACURO’s range of antiscalants are the most economical products for extending the life and efficiency of your RO system. ACURO’s new generation antiscalants use active ingredients that are proprietary mixtures of various molecular weight polycarboxylates and polyacrylates. We supply specialist, high quality RO antiscalant products to industry and water treament plants pan-India, most countries in the Asian sub-continent, and also the middle-east, Africa etc.

We are best known for the following variants:

  1. RADIX 31 – Low-pH Antiscalant NSF
  2. RADIX 95 – High- Silica Inhibition RO Antiscalant NSF
  3. CHEMIRO 909N – Economical RO antiscalant NSF
  4. RADIX 39 – High-pH Antiscalant
  5. RADOX AS216 – High-performance antiscalant powder with silica inhibition

ACURO’s antiscalants consist of surface active materials that interfere with precipitation reactions in three primary ways:

  • Threshold inhibition: Our range of antiscalants deposit control agents that inhibit precipitation well before threshold limit.
  • Crystal modification: ACURO’s antiscalants impede the growth of the crystal structures and also render them distorted and less compact.
  • Dispersion: Our antiscalants impart highly anionic charge to colloidal particles, which keeps the crystals separated. The high anionic charge also separates particles from fixed anionic charges present on the membrane surface.

There are many predictors of scale formation,that can be used for calculating likelihood of scales. Use of these predictors depends upon an up-to-date water analysis and a knowledge of system design parameters. Antiscalant type and dosage is based upon the mineral analysis at the inlet point.


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