Acurosil Nano+ : Highly Effective Chemical Additives To Combat Serious Agricultural Issues

ASN_1Agriculture, for decades, have been a primary source for food.

But, what if farmers face some hurdles while cultivating crops on fields resulting into loss of crops which may ultimately lead to shortage of food?

Yes, there exist such hurdles in the form of pests, weeds and fungi which damage crops as well as shatters the hard work of farmers. This has emerged as a great matter of concern because of elevated need of food due to growing population. So, does this dilemma remain unsolved?

No. because Science has the solution!

Scientists have synthesized numerous chemicals which save crops from these complications. Altogether, they are known as Pesticides.

But, Is the use of pesticides safe for crops? Or They cause certain discrepancies?

Some pesticides are detrimental for crops as they contain chemicals which may prohibit the growth of crop, or may contaminate the harvest.

So, which pesticides to adopt?

41f815e5-40d0-4078-869a-4b3b15894c00Acuro Organics Ltd. brings to you an environment as well as crop friendly germicide Acurosil Nano+. Let us demonstrate to you a detailed description of our product Acurosil Nano+.


Acurosil Nano+, is formulated by combination of Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver to a complex nano form. It is prepared by a special process in which both Hydrogen Peroxide and nano Silver are mixed, bonded and complexed to give an oligo-dynamic, stable and long lasting effect.
The lone properties exhibited by its components are:
⦁ Strong germicidal effect of Hydrogen peroxide
⦁ Anti-senescence properties of silver


With proven efficacy in horticulture industry, it offers following features:a71fe5ff-d702-4196-b541-0ffccd61b7bb.jpg

⦁ Highly effective against wide spectrum of micro-organisms
⦁ No chemical by-products
⦁ Environmentally benign (benevolent)
⦁ Ensure farm fresh appearance
⦁ Maintains original aroma
⦁ Quality preserved even after prolonged storage during marketing



Pre Plantation: Soil Fumigation or Sterilization

f6e25fe4-e23c-4df4-8fd6-eca984a55201Acurosil Nano+ is recommended as a soil sterilant by Pioneers of greenhouse cultivation. It leads to visual plant health improvement in crops grown in sterilized beds by providing a good control over soil fungus and weak weeds. Methods to apply are:

1.Wet the beds with neutral pH water up-to 75% water holding capacity of soil.
2.In irrigation water mix 35ml Acurosil Nano+ in 1ltr of water.
3. Do not mix any chemical with this, as this solution is highly reactive.
4. Apply this solution @ 1 liter/m2.
5. Leave the field undisturbed for 12 hours.

Comparison with FormalinTable Design_tEXT-1

Fungal control in Drip Irrigation systems

88f01be8-7b19-450d-b0ac-0016e0c2db08Favorable environmental conditions in drip irrigation systems (local irrigation method) can cause rapid growth of several species of algae and bacteria resulting in slime and filament buildup, which often become large enough to cause biological clogging, which is quite difficult to control.
Small dosing of Acurosil Nano+ eliminates bio-film and controls bacterial growth in drip-irrigation pipeline.

Recommended Dosage: 1-2 ml per litre of water

Foliar Spraying3bf26a86-26e2-42fb-80df-c3efa7417f1c

Applying Acurosil Nano+ to the foliage is widely practiced in flower production. It helps as profile active control measure in disease-pest and pathogen infection.

Dosage: 2-3 ml per litre of water

Post-Harvest: Extending Product Shelf Life

8075915a-2378-407a-8230-cc2daea8c948An alarming percentage of fresh produce perishes long before it reaches the consumer. These losses area accounted either due to natural degradation by bacteria and mould, or when no good transportation linkages or storage is unavailable. These losses could be minimized by suitable post-harvest measures to increase the shelf life of traditional as well as cut flowers by inhibiting bacterial and mould growth. Straight forward washing of harvested or cut flowers after harvest may simply redistribute organisms from infected to healthy produce.
With strict environmental regulation and controls imposed by most importing countries on pesticide residue levels in force, it is imperative to adapt to eco-friendly treatments. Acurosil Nano+ is such a non-toxic alternative to fungicides/chemical which is being used as post harvesting treatment for domestic marketing and export trade, being eco-friendly.
At this point, you know all the advantages, features and usage of ACUROSIL NANO+. Have an encounter and avail the worth!

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