RADON C70 – An Impeccable Water Softener


Water is the driver of nature.”-quoted Leonardo da Vinci.

But what if water is at the bottom of some health hazards?

Yes, there is a form of water which may affect health. The form is known as HARD WATER. When Hard Water is supplied, the generally observed apparent side effect is skin irritation. Apart from this noticeable ill effect of hard water, there are several other health troubles furthermore.They are:

⦁ Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases,
⦁ high blood pressure,
⦁ reproductive failure,
⦁ growth retardation

The above issues raised due to hard water consumption are proven by handful of international studies. In distinction to these issues, hard water can also be unsightly at homes. It causes the following disputes:

Stains due to hard water on tiles.

⦁ leave stain on sinks, bathtubs and showers,
⦁ clogs pipes, reducing the efficiency of appliances leading to higher energy bills and even damaged appliances.
⦁ clothes are rough and irritable after being washed
⦁ reduces water flow in hot water distribution pipes due to scale buildup

After reading all this, one would be bound to think, “Is there a solution?”

The answer is “YES”! There are a lot of solutions available in the market which may diminish or absolutely remove the hardness of water. The most prevalent method of removal of hardness of water is installation of water softener. Ion exchange resin is one of such extensively used water softener.

Ion exchange resins, or zeolites are a kind of synthetic resin typically found in the form of white or yellowish beads. They are insoluble matrices, fabricated from organic polymer substrate.The ions are trapped on the highly porous site of beads, accompanied by release of other ions, thus giving them the popularly known name, Ion Exchange Resins.

Yellowish beads of ION EXCHANGE RESINS.

Due to their application in varied fields other than just water softening, ion exchange resins with diverse chemical combinations are purchasable in the market. This is why confusion follows while selecting a resin. Well, this article is written explicitly to prescribe the buyers most preferred and efficient resin for water softening. We introduce to you our product RADON C70, a high purity premium polystyrene exchanger.

RADON C70 is a bead form sulfonate cation exchange resin. It is a cross linked polymer and possess a gel like structure. This product is supplied in sodium forms. It exhibits
excellent physical and chemical properties such as:

download (1)

⦁ uniform bead size
⦁ low pressure drop
⦁ superior physical and chemical stability
⦁ magnificent life pattern
⦁ proven track record
⦁ lower rinse volume

Besides these exemplary properties, RADON C70 offers some great features listed as:

⦁ Complies with FDA regulations for potable water applications.
⦁ Complies with USDA regulations for potable water systems.

As RADON C70 proves to be an incomparable water softener, it also procures several other purposes too. This multitasking trait of RADON C70 exists because it exhibits marvellous properties. Some other usage of RADON C70 are:

slide1.jpgWATER TREATMENT: It is suitable for all kinds of water treatment such as deionization, demineralisation, condensate polishing and preparation of pure water and ultra-pure water.

HYDRO METALLURGY: As it is resistant to crush, mechanical and osmotic stress. It can be used in hydro-metallurgy and recover some metal cations.

DEMINERALISATION: Being suitable for preparation and separation of glutamic acid, biochemicals,etc , it can be suitable for demineralization of cane sugar and corn syrup.

CHEMICAL PROCESSING: It can be used as catalyst and dehydrating agent in chemical processing.They can also be used in two stage de-ionising as the cation exchanger in hydrogen cycle

antibioticsOTHER USES: The resin can be used in the treatment of foodstuffs, beverages, potable waters and water used in the processing of food. It is also suitable for pharmaceutical industry.






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